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From: Auntie Tencia
On: 8/10/18
My Precious Angel I know you were born on August 9, 1999- we have a time difference on my clock and puter it says its August 9, 2018--the guest book it says 8-10-2018 not my fault I know the right date. either way HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE YOU.
From: Auntie Tencia
On: 8/10/18
Happy 19th Birthday Precious little Angel, what a great celebration is taking place at the Bridge,healing fountains, carrots, cakes, pies, bananas yes Chacha and princess have been very busy preparing for your special day, and Sir Kodi has a great bit beautiful gift for you. celebrate and have a great time. Know that you are loved and missed, especially by your Mommy Joan.. love and kisses Auntie tencia
From: Aunt Tencia
On: 12/26/17
Merry Christmas precious little Angel, I know you are having a great time celebrating with Jesus and all the other fur-angels, hugs and kisses to you your brothers and sisters that are celebrating with you. Sir Kodi and, Muchacha and Princess send you a big kiss and a great Merry Christmas. send love and kisses to you Mommy Joan and little Molly. we all love you. MERRY CHRISTMAS
From: Aunt Tencia
On: 8/10/17
Happy 18th Birthday Precious Angel, know you had a great celebration on your special day-all the fur kids had a lot of fun, celebrating your special day. Happy Birthday again and know that you are loved. kisses from auntie
From: Aunt Tencia
On: 3/22/17
Precious Little Angel, I will also add your Mikee,Honey,Chloe . Happy Srping may your spring days in heaven be beautiful and filled with beautiful spring flowers, so you can pick a bouquet of flowers for Jesus. Angel you are the one in charge, so may you , Mikee, Hone, and Chloe look down from Heaven and send mommy big kisses and let her know you love her forever. hugs Aunt Tencia
On: 7/4/16
From: Auntie Tencia
On: 12/25/15
Merry Christmas Precious Angel, wishing you a very happy and fun day while you Celebrate the birth of Jesus, check under the Christmas Tree Jesus has a big present for you, the fur-angels are singing christmas songs and playing fun games, enjoy the party.and the delicious ginger bread, and other goodies Chacha and Princess baked for you and your Brother and all the fur-angels. love you little Angel.have fun Merry Christmas.
From: This article acehived exactly what I wanted it to
On: 10/11/15
This article acehived exactly what I wanted it to achieve.
On: 7/4/15
From: Auntie Tencia
On: 5/23/15
Hello Precious Angel, what have you been up too? keeping yourself busy with Honey, Chloe,Mikee and watching over Sir Kodi. busy little girl. been thinking of you want you to know that you are loved and not forgotten. your mommy loves you and so do I. hugs baby girl
From: bobby ferguson
On: 8/16/14
Sorry about your loss. i several babies this year alone and some days are harder. we will meet our loved one again.
On: 7/4/14
From: Stacia
On: 6/9/14
I am so sry for ur loss of angel she seems like a good pet to have. I have recently lot a pet hamster named bear
From: Auntie Tencia
On: 4/20/14
Chacha & Princess. As usual they are in the kitchen with Lucky and Angel baking Carrot cakes, baked potatoes, zucchini bread, Angel has a new recipe for Persimmon cookies , can you smell the delicious aroma. The hills and meadows are surrounded with beautiful colored Easter eggs there are Colored eggs all over Heaven, Fur children with baskets in hand searching and picking up Eggs, laughing and having a good time as Jesus helps them fill their baskets with eggs. Sir Kodi, looking as handsome as ever is in charge of games,and contest prize's. Girl & Kramer are in charge of the carnival, Mikee, Chloe, and Honey are helping Shoo-Fly with the Parade. Easter is a Very joyful celebration in Heaven with Fur Children all sending love and Kisses to their human Parent's on earth. This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. HAPPY EASTER.
From: Tencia and Her Girls
On: 2/14/14
Happy Valentine's Day Precious Angel. have a good time at the big Party, make sure to Dance, Remember the First Dance is with Jesus, then with my Chacha,Princess and the rest of the Fur-angels. I hear Your wearing your Red Velvet Dress and pretty heels. have fun eat,dance and be happy. Send Mommy great big Heart Kisses, love you Auntie
From: Auntie Tencia
On: 12/25/13
Christmas time is here again ,busy little fur angels running all over Heaven getting everyone ready for this big celebration of Christ Jesus. Muchacha & Princess have baked and cooked delicious food as always. Shoo-Fly is teaching the little ones how to wrap and place bows on the gifts. Sir-Kodi and Angel are placing lights on the trees. Honey, mikee and Chloe are busy playing and having a good time, Lucky is getting the choir ready. Girl and Kramer decorating the Christmas tree. Heaven looks beautiful with all the colors and lights and little fur angels having a good time. Merry Christmas. Precious angel may you have the best Christmas ever. keep sending wet kisse to mommy. Merry Christmas Angel.know that you are Loved. Auntie .
From: Auntie Tencia
On: 11/28/13
It's Thanksgiving at Rainbow bridge all the fur and feather friends are ready for the big celebration. Shoo- Fly is getting all the young bunny rabbits to help him set up the decorations and center pieces on the tables they made some beautiful center pieces of baskets filled with yellow, orange and red flowers/ green leaves over flowing the baskets. Muchacha and Princess and Lucky are in the kitchen cooking delicious vegetables and casserole's and pumpkin pies. There is a heavenly smell all over Heaven. Sir Kodi and Angel are in charge of the games. Chloe, Mikee, Honey, Kramer and Girl are playing in the meadow . It is a very busy time. Shoo-Fly, Chacha,Princess, Sir Kodi and Angel are getting the Thanksgiving Parade started it is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever.
From: Janice
On: 10/25/13
I am so sorry that you lost your beautiful Angel. I know she is happy at the Bridge.
On: 10/16/13
Hello my precious and beautiful Angel, just come by to see how you are doing. having fun playing with brother Sir Kodi and my girls, Chacha says your a lot of fun always hiding in tight little places enjoy and have a lot of fun. love and hugs from Auntie.P.S. Don't forget to send some love and wet kisses to Mommy.
From: Auntie Tencia
On: 7/4/13
Precious Angel tomorrow July 5,is the Anniversary of you Journey into Rainbow has been 7 years since you left your Mommy to be with Jesus. In celebration of your life all the Angels are drinking from the Healing fountain. Muchacha & Princess and all the Fur-Angels have gathered to sing and play. Chacha Has baked you a special Cake,Princess brought you carrots,bananas and baked you some goodies. Precious Angel-Send your mommy kisses in the wind,love and hugs and many wet kisses in her dream,your beautiful Mommy Joan misses you and loves you very much.all the Fur Angels are at the edge of the rainbow sending special kisses to Mommy Joan from Angel. May you continue to shine in the heaven for your mommy. Precious angel Know that you are loved. Bless Auntie

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