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From: Eleanor Cain
On: 5/12/16
Amor, it's been almost 6 years since you left me, I still miss you everyday and think of you and remember how beautiful you were in so many ways. You are still my little beautiful girl, I hope I see you when we are reunited at the bridge.
From: Debbie Wolfe
On: 3/31/14
What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little girl. How much you must miss that little angel!
On: 6/30/13
From: Darren Coleman
On: 3/19/13
Eleanor I am so sorry for your loss of your Amor. She was such a pretty girl. I am sure she is great friends with my sweet girl Navit. Who went to the bridge almost eight months ago now. I am sure you have wonderful memories. God bless you. Darren.
From: xxDPERhuhsXH
On: 10/22/12
We are in Toronto, delayed our reutrn until tomorrow because of the storm.Hope your power is still on, and you remained dry. Our power is out according to our neighbor, many old trees in our part of town, but is supposed to be on tonight. Thank goodness we have no food in the frig.Like or Dislike: 0
From: Ray
On: 8/13/12
Eleanor, I wanted to say thanks for your kind words last year when our Lita passed. It was good to feel I wasn't alone. Amor looks like a sweetheart. I'm sure they are friends and we'll see them again someday. Ray
On: 7/1/12
From: Christy
On: 4/1/12
Amor...what a beautiful girl! You and your mom were so blessed to find each other. Although your time together here was short, it is clear how strong your bond was! I can see that you had a good life. Your mom has shown what a thoughtful and caring person she is through her beautiful memorial of you and the way she reaches out to comfort others. Rest assured that you did a great job of loving and bringing happiness to her. I hope you have met my Sydney and have become good friends. So run, play & have fun until the glorious day you and your mom reunite! Eleanor, Thank you for your kind words. They were truly comforting. Take care and God bless!
From: Melinda Gioielli
On: 2/25/12
Amor, lovely Lady,just wanted to let you know we are sending you a new friend today.Her name is Melissa and she is a black Lab mix. In her younger years she loved to doggie dance, just like you. It will be a little easier knowing that you will be there the great her.
From: Linda
On: 1/12/12
What a lovely tribute to Amor. The poem was beautiful. I know she was well loved and still very missed.
From: Lizzie Harman-Riley
On: 11/9/11
Amor was so beautiful & she had the sweetest face. Riley is with Amor now & My first Yorkie Duran & they are all healthy & having a ball. You were so kind in your email & we greatly appreciate it. My grandmother use to say "Love never dies. Love lives on in our hearts forever." I don't know where she heard this, but it's the truth. God Bless You. Lizzie
From: Charlene
On: 8/30/11
Eleanor, Amor was so cute!!! So sorry you had to lose her. It's so hard to move on. Take care Charlene
From: Jonathan
On: 8/21/11
Amor, what a fantastic Mom you had. Take care of mom in your special way. Know she will always keep you in her heart. I am sorry for your loss. Emptiness, sometimes, but thankfully we hold onto cherished memories in happier days gone by.
From: Joe
On: 8/3/11
God bless
From: Taffy
On: 8/3/11
Thanks for condolences for our recent loss, and also for sharing your furry friend's love and life.
From: Michelina Usry
On: 8/2/11
Thank you for your kind words for Bear Chyna Usry. I know that Amor is safely in Jesus arms as is my Bear I just wish that I can have her back even for a short moment to tell her how much she is loved and missed. Again Thank you. God bless Amor
From: Rebecca "Denver's Mom"
On: 7/26/11
Thank you so much for your kind words about my son Denver. I'm sure he and Amor are already good friends at the Rainbow. What a beautiful baby you have. I, as I'm sure you, can't wait until I see my baby again.
From: Debbie Spraker
On: 7/19/11
Hope all is well my friend with you and your new kids. I still miss amor. You friend Deb S. Love and prayers.
From: Eileen
On: 7/13/11
What a sweet little dog she was. I am so sorry for your loss of Amor, I know how much it hurts. Thank you for your kind words and for visiting Kong. Take care, Eileen
From: Joyce Blankenship
On: 7/13/11
What a sweetheart she was.

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