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From: Jill
On: 12/3/21
Abby, my love, how my heart aches for you, for your loss. This is your first anniversary at Rainbow Bridge and it’s been so empty without you. I don’t think I’ll ever stop grieving for you. Your daddy has gone to heaven, too, and it’s just Roxy and I, alone now making the upcoming holidays extra sad and dreary for me, but our Roxy will help to pull us through. You two are the children I never had, so although I’m grateful for our time together I so wanted more, and you gave until the very end. My precious little one, be happy where you are, frolicking and playing like you did here, but know my sweet Abby, my love for you is never ending. My heart aches for you forever. Love, your mommy.
From: Kevin
On: 12/2/21
We know there isn't any words. Just letting you know someone is understanding your loss and thinking of y'all
From: Jill
On: 1/21/21
My beautiful Abby...your mommy misses you more than you know. Out of selfishness I wanted so badly for you to stay, but you knew it was your time. I didn’t want you to suffer and you stayed well until the last day. Oh, how my heart aches for you, for the loss of you. I miss seeing you walk around looking out the window at people passing, walking their dogs quietly whilst you barked noisily at them, but only certain ones! I miss seeing you in your pretty little winter coats, you looked so adorable in them, everyone said so, too. Come summertime, I’ll miss sailing you around in your little boat in the pool and how you’d relax as you enjoyed yourself, and I, as well. I love you my Abby, I’ll never forget you, ever. Love, Mommy
From: Kathy (oreo,Ralph,Eva)
On: 1/10/21
Jill..a beautiful tribute to a great friend. Abby is a beautiful girl. It is always hard to lose a furry young or old and I have lost both. But no matter what or for whatever reason they are always taken from us too soon leaving their forever pawprints within us. Be sure to know she is happy, healthy and playing with Oreo, Ralph and Eva while waiting for us to join them at the Bridge. I can send you my babies sites if you wish to visit..take care..
From: Marsha Spirito
On: 1/7/21
My dear friend my love and sympathy to you on Abby’s passing g. I can tell you the heartache is always there. Abby I am sure will play with my three furry kids—-Sable, Lucky and Jolie. Time heals and your tears will turn to smiles. Trust me. Luv Roxy twice as much.
From: Melody
On: 1/2/21
Oh I cannot even imagine losing her. She is so magnificent and so precious and adorable. What a wonderful life you two had. Such a little angel. She is now your own angel with all your wonderful kitties watching over you forever. Talk to her every day she needs to hear how much you love and miss her. Our little angels suffer just as we do when they have to leave us and it means so much for them to hear us call their names!I sing my baby's favorite song to him almost every day and I do believe he hears me because it has happened a few times late at night that I can feel him with me. They become our spiritual angels forever watching over us. God is smart that way and knows we need guarding. She is yours forever. Your heart is broken but she feels better and is waiting for you. Her heart is broken too but she knows the best is yet to come. God bless you both. Be well.
From: Irene
On: 12/30/20
I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little girl. RIP precious one 💔
From: Jill
On: 12/28/20
My beautiful little Abby: Christmas has come and gone without you here, and my heart is exploding with grief. I wonder that I’ll ever get over the fact that you’re not here. I unconsciously look for you here and there then come to the realization that you’re really not here at all, just emptiness. My heart is suffering so greatly without you, you were so much a part of me. I will never, ever forget you my baby. I wish I could know for sure you’re in a happy place, that would give me a little comfort until we meet again. Love ❤️ from your mommy.
From: Debbie, Ginger's mom
On: 12/22/20
I'm sorry for your loss.
From: Dana Lunger
On: 12/20/20
I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Abby. Many gentle hugs to you and your family.
From: Cheryl L Rhea
On: 12/20/20
So very sorry for the loss of your precious Abby Rose
From: Susan Harrill
On: 12/18/20
I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Abby. Please find comfort in knowing that Abby is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. I have lost several babies since Spooky's passing. Hannah 1/11/13, Sammi 8/2/13,Maci 4/9/14, Gabbi 3/20/17, Zoe 1/3/18, Willow 6/4/18, Shelby 6/12/18, Bear 11/17/19 and Bella and Murphy who were both tragically poisoned on 06/18/20. I am sure that Abby and my babies have all become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: Take Care, Susan
From: Robert
On: 12/18/20
May your sweet Abby Rose rest in eternal peace in the knowledge that she was truly loved in her time on earth and will always have a place in your heart.
From: Dorothy
On: 12/18/20
So very sorry for your loss.
From: Pam
On: 12/17/20
Sorry for your loss
From: Traci D. Thompson
On: 12/17/20
I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Abby Rose. Time will heal our broken hearts. Thank you for sharing your precious memories. God Bless
From: Karen M Smith
On: 12/17/20
So very sorry for your loss of Abby Rose...Karen volunteer
From: Debra Laing
On: 12/17/20
Dear Jill; I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful, precious, loved, and dearly missed Abby Rose. I will keep you in prayer.
From: Ray Fowler
On: 12/17/20
Jill, reading your tribute to dear Abby it is so obvious how dearly loved and treasured this sweet little girl was. although she has left her tired, aching body, she has never left you,and she never will, she will be with you unto eternity, the love you shared will continue always, may you come to accept her passing, and with the knowledge she is always with you, instead of tears, you will just have beautiful memories
From: Christy
On: 12/17/20
I am very sorry for your loss of sweet Abby Rose. She is fortunate to have someone who loves her so much, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the joyful memories will bring some comfort during this difficult time. Play hard at the Bridge dear Abby Rose and look for Buddy (our Yorkie). He loves to play and can show you the ropes.

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