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From: Barry Byers
On: 7/10/23
I found your updated posts very touching. I'll say a prayer for you and Abby tonight.
From: Ruth
On: 2/15/20
Thank you for writing so special about your babe girl ABBy. God bless you .it gives me a lot of comfort to read how much you love her ,thank you for sharing I hope that there is not pain in your heart but remembering her is like a great memory , I lost my girl Minnie yesterday and ha been difficult to handle she was 12 yellow lab. I know she is in heaven with my parents and my dear mother in law,Audrey .my prayers with you,my heart goes to you for Abby love you all.ruthmoore
From: Gaye
On: 7/9/17
Hello, I just lost my beloved Penny Pug Friday. I found this site and read your memorial. What a wonderful tribute to Abby! Thank you so much for sharing. I am devastated over my dog's death. She was 12 years old. I only have my little chihuahua Joey Paco now. It is helping me cope to see other people grieve just as much as I am.
From: That's an astute answer to a tricky quetoisn
On: 4/25/16
That's an astute answer to a tricky quetoisn
From: Nikki
On: 2/16/16
I ran across your precious Abby...she is adorable and will forever be your little girl. We just fall in love so deeply with these little gifts that come into our lives...and steal our hearts forever. Our sweet little fur-friends are safe and surrounded with only love and beauty. They know we will forever love them...and we will hold them in our arms again one day. Your Rainbow friend, Nikki
From: Your posting is abltuloesy on the point!
On: 10/11/15
Your posting is abltuloesy on the point!
From: Monica M.
On: 12/19/14
Such a sweet face, Abby! Hank, I'm wishing you and Carol peace and a Merry Christmas. As I said in my post last year, your words here have really helped me as I grieve the loss of my Jake. God Bless you!
From: Monica M.
On: 12/26/13
Hank, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Your words here to Abby have helped me as I grieve for my Jake who left in 11/27. May God bless you and your dear Abby girl.
From: Heather
On: 8/22/13
Dear Hank and Carol I am really sorry that you lost your dog. Love Heather
From: Brend
On: 3/1/13
Hank & Carol Ann, I want to express my deepest sympathy for your loss. Although it has been many years since Abby went to the warm sunny meadows at the Rainbows Bridge, I know you still love and miss her very much. You will forever hold the memories of Abby in your heart. When you feel warm gentle breezes you'll know it's Abby watching over you and sending you love. She was a beautiful girl. I know Abby was at the birdge when my Sassy came home. Although Sassy is a sweet kitty, they will be great friends. If you'd like you can visit my Sassy.
On: 12/18/12
On: 12/12/11
From: Lynne
On: 9/2/08
What a touching, beautiful story. Abby sounds like such a sweet soul. I am sure she is running free at Rainbow bridge waiting for you. It is obvious she loved you very much. I can relate to how much it hurts to lose a fur baby, having lost many myself. It would be so good if they could stay with us longer. Please accept my sincere condolences.
From: Kaylee
On: 4/14/08
The story is so touching! It reminds me of my experince with my dog Ellie May!!! She was my world until a snake took her out of my life... now i have my dear dog Tucker and he is soooo thoughtful and smart when he wants in my room he thumps his tale on my door!!! My you and Abby reunite -Kaylee
From: Angela
On: 1/29/08
Hank & Carol, My sincerest sympathies and thoughts are with both of you. I completely understand how devasting and life-changing it is to lose a beloved part of the family. I, too, lost my Abbey in 1977 and still carry her in my heart everyday. Your Abby was blessed to have you as her parents; knowing how much you did for her, how you did all you could to make her comfortable and happy and know that she's still watching both of you. Be sure to look up and smile at her everyday so she knows you're happy when you think of her. She'd like that. Love you both--Angela
From: Penny
On: 1/8/08
Dear Abby Welcome to the RB I know that your Parents are missing you very much don't forget to send them a rainbow kiss.look for Chico'Chewy" and he will show you the medows.
From: Candi
On: 12/29/07
Abbey, i'm so sorry to hear of your death. Keep my Sassy Marie company at RB. Hank & Carol Ann keep your chins up. Candi
From: Puppy and Bear~Bear's Mommy Flo
On: 12/29/07
My Oh My what a beautiful girl you are sweet Abby. I can tell you left your paw~prints all over Your Mommy and Daddy's hearts. I know you are busy sweet girl getting aquainted with all your new friends at the forever sunny meadow. But please sweet angel take some time out and send your Mommy and Daddy a sign that you are still watching over them. They love and miss you so much. Hank and Carole Ann you are in my heart, thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time. For I too know the pain of losing something so precious and dear.
From: Karen
On: 12/27/07
I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. It's never an easy thing is it. At least we know they are pain free and playing with each other while they wait for us on the bridge.I lost my baby in April of 2007 so I know how hard it is ((hugs)) Karen If you'd like to visit my baby, you can find her here at
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 12/27/07
Hello beautiful Abby welcome to Rainbows Bridge where you are forever healthy and whole. Enjoy your new home run baby and play in the beautiful meadows and when you get tired you can rest in the wings of the angels, don't forget baby to send your family a special sign to let them know that you are with them always just inside their hearts.

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