Memorializing your Beloved Fur, Feathered or Scaled Baby

by Ginny Brancato - Founder of

Garden Pond

I created a water pond for Fifi that has brought so much comfort. It was an inexpensive project and a project of love. I added fish and planted flowers and plants around it. The birds take baths in it and frogs lie on the lily pads. The sound of the water is so comforting. I bought a corian marker that says "In Loving memory of Fifi 1984-1997". Anyone that visits can see the beauty of nature and my Fifi is honored and memorialized.

Memorial Websites

Create a memorial home for your furbaby. Many Internet Service providers, including AOL, provide free space for their members to create a website. Add stories with photo's and memories of your furbaby. Rainbow Bridge offers a way to memorialize your pet with our Rainbow Memorial Residencies

One of the most touching ways Guardians have used to memorialize their furbabies after the horrific attack on September 11th., 2001 was adding a US flag at their babies Rainbow Memorial Residency. Though a small gesture, it was a comfort to many of our Guardians.

Memorial Inked Tattoo

Memorialize your furbaby by using cremation ash infused ink on a new or old tattoo. Continue the bond that you started the day you brought your furbaby home.


Some will take on their furbaby's name in a screen name or email address on-line.

Write an obituary

I tried to put an obituary in my local paper for Fifi but they refused. That was the inspiration for creating Rainbow bridge. Now many newspapers will let you create an obituary in a special area of the paper.

Photo Album and Memorial Table

Put an album together with pictures and memories. Some set up a memorial on a table in a favorite room with their baby's urn, a piece of their baby's fur in a frame with a photo, a candle and the Rainbow Bridge poem. Many will light a candle, especially on the anniversary their baby went on to Rainbow Bridge.


Volunteer to help others at shelters, counseling, or on-line at pet loss chat rooms and forums (to just be there as a friend for support). Some go on to create a fund in their baby's name, raising money for other furbabies that need a chance to be cared for and placed in a loving home.


Many wear memorabilia like a piece of the fur and/or a photo in a locket or wear a pin in memory of their furbaby. Some buy jewelry with the furbaby's name engraved on it.There are also companies that will encase both your and your baby's DNA into a locket.

Cryogenic's and Taxidermy

A Guardian at Rainbow Bridge that used cryogenic freeze drying was ecstatic when her baby came "home". Others that have a smaller animal use a taxidermy service. One Guardian says she has her little bird in a cage in a corner of her room and covers her feathered friend's cage at night.


One Guardian I talked with had incorporated her baby's fur into a small blanket she knitted.

Monday Candle Lighting Tributes

Held each Monday night at Rainbow Bridge web site and other web sites around the world. This helps to give recognition and comfort in "celebrating'' your baby's life. It is a way to help with the grief and start to have some closure. We grieve a lifetime, though we get on with our lives, we accept the fact our furbabies are gone but never forgotten.

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